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About this Article This article is an excerpt from Risk Management for Computer Security: Protecting Your Network & Information Assets. Printed with permission from Butterworth-Heinemann, a division of Elsevier. Copyright 2005. For more information about this book and other similar titles, please visit In this excerpt we examine the role of threat assessment and its importance in the accurate and effective assessment of risk. Threat It seems appropriate to start this chapter by explaining what is meant by a threat assessment. In information security, this is probably one of the most abused and misunderstood terms and is often used interchangeably with the term "vulnerability." In this book, the word "threat" is used to describe those "things" that may pose a danger to the information systems, and for clarity, the term "threat agents" is used.... (more)

Millennial Media Adds Mobile Support to Hopenhagen Global Effort

“Hopenhagen,” a global marketing and communications initiative created by Ogilvy & Mather on behalf of the International Advertising Association to support climate change at December’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, is expanding its social media and interactive outreach efforts with the addition of Millennial Media to the list of companies providing marketing support. The Hopenhagen campaign urges citizens of the world to visit the website, sign a petition demanding their leaders support climate change, and share their messages of hope through social media applications. As a campaign that is using social media to connect the people of the world with their leaders, mobile is an important element of this outreach, Millennial Media has been selected to drive reach and awareness to the Hopenhagen campaign to mobile internet users... (more) Helps Establish Film and TV Copyright Fund to Fight Against Online Piracy

BEIJING, Jan. 4 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- "The hearts of editors at are bleeding. Pioneering the fight against piracy requires more than just courage," said Li Shanyou at the inauguration ceremony of the International Movie & TV Copyright Joint Procurement Fund (the "Fund") that has been jointly launched by and On December 22, 2009, and, with the support of China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the National Copyright Administration of China, the Beijing International Copyright Trade Center and CCTV International, invested US$5 million each to establish the Fund -- the first of its kind in China -- taking the lead in China's increasing effort to promote copyright protection. They also encouraged enhanced support from other websites in the industry. The move follows's announcement in Shanghai on Decem... (more)

Sustainable Life Media Continues Sustainable Brands Boot Camp Series With Session 11: Jacquelyn Ottman on Green Marketing Done Right

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Sustainable Life Media is hosting the 11th session of its SB Boot Camp 13-week training series in sustainable business, featuring Jacquelyn Ottman, CEO and founder of J. Ottman Consulting, on Friday, February 12 at 10:00 am PST/1:00 pm EST. Developed by the producers of the Sustainable Brands Conference, Boot Camp is designed to teach business executives how to build business value and brand equity by innovating for sustainability. Participants learn from some of the world's top sustainable business thought leaders, each a leading sustainable business expert in his/her specialty. These long-time sustainability practitioners have consulted with top global brands, including Coke, Pepsi, Walmart, UPS, HP and Kraft, among many others. This latest session will provide insights into the greening of the marketplace and the unprec... (more)

The Powerful Economic Underpinnings of OSS

In 1968, Garret Hardin wrote a seminal paper that ran in Science Magazine called “The Tragedy of the Commons.” Hardin defined the commons as a place where multiple people are each endowed with the privilege to use a given resource, and no one has the right to exclude another. Think of a pasture where many farmers can graze their animals. When multiple users have such privileges of use, each user benefits directly from using the resource (one more cow in a farmer’s herd benefits that farmer directly) but the cost of each person's use is borne by all users (the increased use that one cow puts on the pasture affects all users of the pasture). The result is that each user has an incentive to use the common resource more, and less incentive to curb their use of the resource. The resource is thus prone to overuse and, over time, it degrades - a tragedy of the commons. The... (more)

Service-Oriented Integration: An Evolutionary Step for IT - Start small, and experiment

This article outlines a set of best practices for service-oriented integration (SOI) by reviewing the evolution of integration practices, applying those lessons to service-oriented architectures (SOA), and finally analyzing SOA and SOI with the specific technology set of Web services today and into the future. Services and Integration: How Did We Get Here? The advent of the information age has brought an increased emphasis on timely access to information. Use of the Internet to reach employees, customers, and business partners creates corresponding demands to deliver solutions through different kinds of interfaces in shorter time frames. These compressed time frames frequently eliminate some traditional options for satisfying new application requirements, such as migrating to a new, state-of- the-art packaged application; or creating a custom solution built in isolat... (more)

Mobile Operators Seek Incremental Revenue from the Mobile Internet

Mobile operators are in a precarious position. Airtime revenue is decreasing faster than fixed costs, and competitors are multiplying. Not only is there high overhead for customer acquisition, but retention costs are also increasing. Mobile operators need to act now to ensure that they can derive the incremental revenue streams they need to survive. While there remains no question about the effect it will have on the way people transact with each other, the mobile Internet's slower-than-anticipated uptake has had an immediate impact on a number of businesses. Because of this, many enterprises have taken a slow and more strategic approach to rolling out wireless services. Mobile operators do not share the luxury of a slow approach. In North America and around the world, the mobile operator space has seen increased competition, bringing great results for mobile users -... (more)

Towers of Babble - Preventing the cellular tower industry from toppling

Towers everywhere, but who owns them and how? We take a look into the world of the REIT. It's not just the network and phone manufacturers who are making it big with wireless. All of those transmitter towers have to go somewhere, and a whole raft of companies specializing in locations to put those towers have sprung up. This is a completely new business, with no precedents or business models to go with it, or is it? When is a cellular tower company not a cellular tower company? When it's a REIT. The typical REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is a real estate company that develops, acquires, owns, manages, and sells income-generating properties like apartment buildings, office buildings, and shopping centers. By law, a REIT, which does not pay taxes at a corporate level, must distribute 90% of its taxable income to its shareholders every year. Cellular tower compan... (more)

Partners Compare WebLogic and WebSphere: An Exclusive Interview with George Kosmides of Noospherics

Related Links How Low Does BEA Have to Go? How Long Can BEA Survive, Industry Asks Why WebSphere? A Successful Ingredient Offers Choice A Leader with New Customers Jack Martin also spoke to George Kosmides, president of Noospherics, about their IBM relationship. WJ: When was Noospherics founded? GK: Noospherics was started in 1997. WJ: Why did you start, other than the obvious, Noospherics? GK: We had a lot of experience with object technology from the mid-1980s until the mid-1990s, primarily in Smalltalk, and had a lot of object design capability. We applied this in the Java and the Web worlds and formed Noospherics specifically to work on an approach-level, object-based project. The technology primarily translates to J2EE. WJ: How many people work at Noospherics? GK: About 25. WJ: What is your current specialty? GK: Right now we work primarily on project development ... (more)

webMethods Introduces SOA Web Services Solutions For Sarbanes-Oxley

webMethods debuted webMethods for Compliance, a new solution designed to verify the completeness, accuracy and validity of transactions and business processes in accordance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other regulatory requirements. Built with the technology components of webMethods Fabric(TM), this new solution provides businesses with the ability to continuously and automatically monitor their compliance control points without the risks or costs associated with manual testing and controls. At the same time, the process integration, assembly and optimization capabilities offered by webMethods for Compliance can also be used to further streamline and enhance these fundamental operations, which means enterprises can use their compliance investments to achieve continuous process improvements as well. David Mitchell, president and CEO of webMethods Building and su... (more)

Oak Pacific Interactive Web 2.0 Platform Receives $48 Million Funding From Global Investors

Oak Pacific Interactive (Oak Pacific), a Chinese Internet company formerly known as ChinaInterActiveCorp, announced today that it has closed a new round of financing of $48 million from a group of leading global private equity and venture capital firms led by General Atlantic LLC (GA). In addition to GA, the group includes DCM - Doll Capital Management, Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV), Accel Partners, and Legend Capital. Oak Pacific provides next generation communication, content distribution and community Internet platforms including a number of well-known Chinese websites such as,,, and Oak Pacific currently has approximately 22 million registered users and more than 150 million daily page views. Oak Pacific will use this new round of financing to continue to expand its portfolio of digital entertainment assets and build ... (more)