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In 1968, Garret Hardin wrote a seminal paper that ran in Science Magazine called “The Tragedy of the Commons.” Hardin defined the commons as a place where multiple people are each endowed with the privilege to use a given resource, and no one has the right to exclude another. Think of a pasture where many farmers can graze their animals. When multiple users have such privileges of use, each user benefits directly from using the resource (one more cow in a farmer’s herd benefits that farmer directly) but the cost of each person's use is borne by all users (the increased use that one cow puts on the pasture affects all users of the pasture). The result is that each user has an incentive to use the common resource more, and less incentive to curb their use of the resource. The resource is thus prone to overuse and, over time, it degrades - a tragedy of the commons. The... (more)

Cloud Computing: A Step in the Right Direction

We all take for granted that our online applications at home will perform the instant we need them. Whether it’s Voice over IP, video on-demand, gaming, or other applications, we have instantaneous, high-speed access, anytime. In this environment, IT managers are now facing the question: “Why can’t you deliver the same quality of service at work that I experience at home?” Despite spending three to five percent of total revenues on computers, software, and IT services, corporations today still are not able to deliver this same level of performance we receive in our homes. To attain this level of speed and reliability, businesses need to shake off the antiquated computing model of the past and learn from today’s leading Web-based service vendors. The Challenges of the Corporate Data Center Despite all the technological changes that have occurred in recent years, corp... (more)

AJAXWorld Major Sponsorship Opportunities Sold-Out!

SYS-CON Events announced today that AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West main sponsorship opportunities are now sold-out! The limited number of expo and event sponsorship opportunities that are still available are expected to be sold out soon. The new sponsors who joined the conference this week, and are not yet listed on the conference Website, will also be announced later in the week. The charter sponsors of the most significant Rich Internet Applications event of the year include: Laszlo Systems [Diamond Sponsor]: Laszlo Systems is the original developer of the open source platform OpenLaszlo, and provider of Rich Internet Applications and services that advance the Web experience. OpenLaszlo is an XML-native foundation for building next-generation Web applications that increase customer retention, conversion and brand loyalty. Laszlo provides comprehensive suppo... (more)

Laying the Groundwork for SOA Success

For a business to be sustainable today, it must be supported by a truly sustainable architecture. This type of architecture must have built-in agility and reusability. To be able to support the disparate end-to-end transaction components involved in converting leads to cash, this architecture must be sufficiently free form in its inter-business process communication. All businesses require this, whatever the business model. This openness in communication needs to permeate down through the layers of the organization so that reuse is standard - and considered a strength, rather than a lack of precision. Imagine a business introducing a new product line. It not only builds an external marketing message, but also internal messaging to inform the underlying teams and business processes how to sell and deliver the new product, to whom, and for how much. No rebuilding of ... (more)

National Survey Shows Security, Power and Price are Driving the UK Data Centre Market

83 per cent of respondents regard data centre expansion business critical or important to businesses development London, UK, 10th March, 2010 - A national survey of over 100 senior IT professionals found that there are three factors driving demand in the UK data centre market sector - security, power and price. The survey, conducted by Telehouse, also showed that most organisations questioned were looking to expand their data centre requirements adding to the current capacity crunch and putting more pressure on UK data centre providers. Security (28%) and price (26%) were the two factors most organisations most look for when choosing a data centre, followed by power (16%). Although the demand for data centre space is at a premium the survey showed that if a data centre provider can not offer a service with a suitable level of security and power, and at a competitive... (more)

Citi Leverages Ariba Technology to Deliver Enhanced Payment Solutions

Ariba, Inc. (Nasdaq:ARBA), the leading spend management solutions provider, today announced that Citi’s Global Transaction Services unit will use Ariba offerings to deliver enhanced invoice and payment solutions to its clients worldwide. Citi will integrate Ariba® Invoice and Payment™ with its own electronic payment and supplier finance offerings to enable end-to-end financial supply chain management for its clients. Citi is the first financial services company to agree to private label Ariba’s spend management solutions to create additional value for customers. “Citi has a long history of driving innovation to meet the unique and evolving needs of our clients,” said Julie Monaco, Regional Head, North America, Global Transaction Services, Citi. “Leveraging Ariba’s invoice and payment solutions in combination with our own indu... (more)

World Economic Forum Names Shopkick Technology Pioneer for 2013

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 28,2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, The World Economic Forum (WEF) announced that shopkick, the largest real-world shopping app, is one of 23 companies across all industry sectors named as the world's most innovative technology startups for 2013. These industry-changing companies are being recognized for their potential to transform the future of business and society.  Shopkick is one of two mobile companies selected worldwide. This honor recognizes shopkick's innovation, potential impact, growth and sustainability, proof of concept and leadership. Previously honored companies include Twitter, Dropbox, Wikipedia, Palantir, Bloom Energy and Google. "These companies are more than pioneering the way we use technology; they are transforming how we as a society are growing and interacting with each other," said Silvia von Gunten, Head of Technology Pio... (more)

Linux Comes of Age: Linux & the Enterprise

When an industry, especially a technology-based industry is young, it's all about weird guys, eccentrically dressed, whispering secrets. The conversation is deliberately maintained at a jargon level, designed to keep the suits at bay - in the beginning, it's not about business. Linux was like that only a few years ago. At LinuxWorld the other day in New York City, it was very clear that Linux had moved to a different point in its cycle. Of course, the geeks were still around, and honored as the holders of the special knowledge, but they were far out-numbered by the suits. Linux is now a very respectable business operating system and all the big boys were out in force, meeting with customers and partners, and assuring press and analysts that they were important - maybe leading - players in this newest computer industry reconfiguration. The themes were very clear: Eve... (more)

Wireless Wealth from the Soccer Field?

One fascinating aspect of the unwired world is that it is no respecter of history or geography. And I don't just mean in the sense of "the end of the distance"; I mean in the sense that emerging economics are latching on to wireless technologies and leveraging them to get a jump on the rest of the world. Take South Korea, not necessarily the first capital city to spring to mind when contemplating 21st-century capitalism - and yet, its capital Seoul is in the very forefront of the race to wireless. Aided and abetted by the Korean industrial giant, Samsung, Seoul's DCMA2000 1x commercial wireless network is poised to secure Seoul as prominent a place in the wireless world as San Francisco has in the wired one. Or take Finland, a nation famous - until recently - for vodka, lakes, and the Olympic middle-distance runner Lasse Viren...yet now known from Chicago to Shangh... (more)

Deriving Application Infrastructure

Deriving an Application Infrastructure Strategy For an organization to economically support an evolving application portfolio, an application infrastructure strategy must exist. The right application infrastructure strategy ensures that an organization can accommodate short-term tactical and long-term strategic business considerations efficiently and effectively, the byproduct being technical agility. However, the difficulty lies in deriving an application infrastructure strategy that works for your organization. An application infrastructure strategy is always based on a series of activities that must be culturally and technically acceptable, and hence sustainable by an organization. The activities discussed here have been derived and distilled from an accumulation of research, and consist of the following: Recognizing infrastructure patterns, which are used to res... (more)

The Life Sciences Revolution

In the past few years we've seen a revolution taking place in the life sciences, a revolution driven by information technology, which has become the engine of experimental biology. As a result, we are seeing the convergence of information technology and the biological sciences, a convergence that will affect the way we live and that holds the potential to greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of medical care. Perhaps the term "life sciences" is new to you. The life sciences market includes the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, genomic, e-health, and agri-science industries. This market is essentially dedicated to drug discovery, to understanding genomics, proteomics, structural biology, and emerging areas associated with the study of metabolic regulation, as well as focusing on improving health care as we move toward e-health. The focus by IT vendors on the lif... (more)