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"Companies have invested a significant amount of money in SOA – and continue to do so," says Jeff Haynie, Co-Founder & CEO of Appcelerator, in this exclusive Q&A with SYS-CON's AJAX & RIA Journal in the run-up to Appcelerator's session on October 20 at AJAX World RIA Conference & Expo in San Jose, California (October 20-22, 2008). "One of the keys to unlocking the full return on investment in SOA is the ability to build service-oriented UIs (SOUIs) – clients designed to consume services, regardless of language or platform," Haynie continues. "We believe Appcelerator's approach truly zeros in on the need for a clean separation of the application from services in an agile development model," he adds. Read the interiew in full below... About Jeff Haynie Jeff Haynie is co-founder and CEO of Appcelerator, an open source software company that develops products and services... (more)

More than 800 Leaders in Six Countries Agree that Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings is Top Strategy for Reducing Carbon Footprint

MONACO, May 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Cost savings and government incentives are the top influencers driving an increased focus on energy efficiency in buildings, according to the results of the second annual Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency Indicator (EEI) survey for Europe. The survey reinforces the growing trend of "greening" buildings seen in Europe in recent years. "Interest is growing in improving the energy efficiency of buildings to achieve sustainability goals. We know that when organisations have access to external funding and technical expertise, they implement a greater number of improvement measures, achieve greater savings and realize additional energy reductions," said Iain Campbell, vice president and general manager, Global Energy and WorkPlace Solutions for Johnson Controls. The EEI survey captured responses from 857 private- and public-sector leade... (more)

Web Services Startups

You must have seen them - they're everywhere. Despite the market climate, Web services startups are popping up like mushrooms after rain. With no time to lose, these companies are readying themselves to take on the industry gorillas. Who's going to win? Much has been written about the evolution of the Web services industry, particularly with respect to the big players like Microsoft and IBM. We've all been told countless times how Web services are good for established platform vendors ranging from application server companies to integration and process management vendors. One interesting question is often evaded, however: How can startups make money in this world? A Matter of Perspective I wish I had all the answers. I don't, of course. However, my experience does give me a certain perspective. I've been part of the Web services "revolution" since before it had that... (more)

Mobile Operators Seek Incremental Revenue from the Mobile Internet

Mobile operators are in a precarious position. Airtime revenue is decreasing faster than fixed costs, and competitors are multiplying. Not only is there high overhead for customer acquisition, but retention costs are also increasing. Mobile operators need to act now to ensure that they can derive the incremental revenue streams they need to survive. While there remains no question about the effect it will have on the way people transact with each other, the mobile Internet's slower-than-anticipated uptake has had an immediate impact on a number of businesses. Because of this, many enterprises have taken a slow and more strategic approach to rolling out wireless services. Mobile operators do not share the luxury of a slow approach. In North America and around the world, the mobile operator space has seen increased competition, bringing great results for mobile users -... (more)

LogicaCMG Reports Full Year 2004 Results

LONDON, March 2 /PRNewswire/ -- - Strong full year book-to-bill ratio of 1.13:1 - Return to organic revenue growth in second half - Full year cash conversion of 104% - IT Services (86% of Group revenues): - Strong performance in UK (41% of Group revenues), notably in public sector - Sustained revenue growth in Benelux (24% of Group revenues) - Germany (6% of Group revenues) delivered restructuring to tight timetable and with stable second half revenues - Outsourcing grew from 20% to 23% of Group revenues - Edinfor acquisition with EUR 510 million outsourcing contract - expected completion March 2005 - Wireless Networks (14% of Group revenues): - Increased revenues in second half and cost reduction programme delivered small full year profit from continuing operations - Disposal of loss-making businesses underpins improvement in 2005 - Final dividend raised 2.9% to 3.5p ... (more)

Setting Up an Effective SOA Governance Model

While organizational business units and departments are in a hurry to embrace Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), without a proper control or governance of SOA adoption, the organizations are at risk of building unmanaged SOA environments that result in chaos and failure. The success of SOA largely depends on a robust governance mechanism. As a first step, organizations must start by defining a Governance Model addressing various challenges surrounding SOA space. In this article, we will discuss the key objectives of SOA governance and the various artifacts required for establishing a sound SOA Governance Model. A well-defined Governance Model will act as a foundation for long-lasting SOA success. SOA Governance Objectives Organizations are SOA-enabling their applications using technologies like the orchestration engine (BPEL), Enterprise Service Bus, and Web Servic... (more)

How Sustainability and Adobe Acrobat 9 Can Save Any Organization Time and Money

The Institute for Sustainable Communication ("ISC") is pleased to announce a new eSeminar, "How Sustainability and Adobe Acrobat 9 Can Save Any Organization Time and Money." The eSeminar, scheduled for April 23, 2009 will be presented by Donald Carli , Senior Research Fellow at the ISC. Made possible though a generous sponsorship grant from Adobe, the eSeminar supports the ISC's mission to increase the understanding of sustainability best practices and to assist individuals and organizations in adopting more sustainable print and digital media workflows aligns with Earth Day. The eSeminar will provide solutions for organizations of all sizes that face the challenges of balancing cost reductions, process improvements and increasing productivity while addressing commitments to sustainable business practices that minimize environmental impacts and reduce carbon footprints.... (more)

Trends in Green Job Market

The chart you see was published last week from and demonstrates the incredible surge of "green" or "sustainability" jobs. From 2005 - 2009, there has been a greater than 600% increase in these types of job. Interestingly, prior to July 2005, Indeed shows that these type of job postings were not available. Click to read my previous blog post on "A Future Trend in the Job Market" for resources and potential training initiatives for these types of positions. Click the "Sustainability Jobs" link below to view the current listings Indeed has posted for Green / Sustainability Jobs. Cross posted  at Career Design Coach ... (more)

Mobile Strategies - Time, Place and Waste

The economist, philosopher and theorist of markets Friedrich Hayek (1899-1992) wrote, "The knowledge of the particular circumstances of time and place - To know of and put to use a machine not fully employed, or somebody's skill which could be better utilized, or to be aware of a surplus stock which can be drawn upon during an interruption of supplies, is socially quite as useful as the knowledge of better alternative techniques." I love the way Hayek describes the value related to "the knowledge of the particular circumstances of time and place," as being "socially useful."  It is also very useful for businesses and can deliver competitive advantages!  I, of course, read this as a call for mobile strategies, mobile technologies and location-based services to support the real-time exchange of information, even though Hayek may not have lived long enough to have used ... (more)

Enterprise Mobility and Network Centric Management Strategies

Some of the most technologically advanced organizations in the world today are utilizing strategies based on the concept of the Network Centric Organization.  These strategies, methodologies and concepts are important for just about any organization that is geographically dispersed and requires the organization and management of remote and mobile workforces and assets. The concept of the "network centric" organization relates to the fact that people, objects, events, activities, assets, inventories, locations, fleets, equipment, tools, etc, are all connected to the Internet (aka network), monitored, and most often visible on a map.  All of these connected components are providing data in real-time that can be used to manage operations.  This collected data is wirelessly sent to a central server where it forms a real time and unified view of operations that can be used... (more)

Merger: The Price of Infiniband

InfiniSwitch and Lane15 have merged, uniting a two-and-a-half-year-old Infiniband switch start-up and a three-year-old Infiniband management software house in a living testimonial to the, um, consolidation motif. They hope that by propping each other up and being companions-in-arms they can sit out the long vigil waiting for an Infiniband market to materialize. After struggling for years to wrestle the widgetry into shape against the backdrop of a could-care-less economy, a technical target that has been harder to realize than the spec writers thought, the defection of significant Infiniband players like Intel and Microsoft and the loss of anything resembling a volume market, it looks like it'll still take the combo until the second half (again) to be sufficiently hardened, so to speak, to seriously try to become part of the data center infrastructure. So far Infinib... (more)